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Veterinary Dentistry & Dental Surgery

Our veterinarians provide preventive and restorative dental health care and surgery for companion pets in Milton and the surrounding areas.

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Dental Care for Cats & Dogs

Dentistry is an important part of your pet's care because dental problems can result in significant pain and discomfort. Additionally, poor dental health can allow infection to spread from the mouth to other parts of the body, such as the kidneys and heart. We also recognize that pets with poor dental health are often somewhat depressed from the toxins absorbed from their mouth.

There are two main ways to keep your furry friend's teeth clean: at-home care and regular dental appointments with a veterinarian. During a routine exam, your pet's teeth will be checked. If there are any issues detected, we will book your pet in for a dental examination. At this appointment, we will perform a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment while your pet is under general anesthesia. At-home care helps ensure continued oral health between visits to the veterinarian.

The most common dental procedure is scaling and polishing. For this, we have both ultrasonic and high-speed cleaning units, as well as polishers. We also provide other dental care, such as gingival corrections.

Our equipment is very similar to that found in a human dental office. We have digital X-rays to help identify oral health issues, even below the gum line. Our team truly appreciates the importance of dental care for your pets and is here to help.

Dental Care, Milton Vet

Dental Surgery for Pets

Our veterinarians perform dental surgery for cats and dogs when required, including tooth extractions, and treatment for periodontal disease.

We will do all we can to make this process as stress-free as possible, for you and for your dog or cat. Your pet will be provided with anesthesia before their dental surgery to ensure they are comfortable and do not experience any pain. We'll be sure to break down each step of the process to you in detail before the procedure, including preparation and post-operative care requirements.

Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatment

Having your dog or cat's teeth checked is an important aspect of caring for their overall health. Detecting oral health issues early can help to prevent your pet from experiencing pain or discomfort due to issues such as tooth decay, broken teeth or periodontal disease.

A comprehensive oral health assessment typically involves the following: 

FAQs About Your Dog or Cats Dental Care

To learn more about pet dental care read through our answers to these frequently asked questions from our clients.

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