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Our Core Veterinary Services

Animal Hospital of Milton provides the veterinary services your pet needs to remain healthy – from their delicate first year of life, to their golden years, and every stage in between.

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Dental Care

Preventing dental health issues and restoring good oral health are essential to keeping your companion's overall health in check.

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Urgent Care

Urgent care is available at Animal Hospital of Milton during our regular hours, depending on our availability.

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Routine vaccinations and parasite prevention can help prevent a range of conditions, diseases and disorders in pets.

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Annual Exams

Prioritize your companion's long-term health, disease prevention and treatment with regular veterinary checkups.

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Encourage healing and supplement other treatments with acupuncture to help restore your companion's health.

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Nutritional Counselling

Fulfilling your dog or cat's nutritional needs can be tricky. Nutritional counselling may be just what you need to help give your pet the healthy diet they need.

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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine involves diagnosing and treating both simple and complex internal disorders and diseases in dogs and cats.

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Puppies & Kittens

Providing your new best friends with the care they need to thrive and offering guidance to pet owners every step of the way.

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Senior Pet Care

Preserving your senior pet's health with physical exams and proactive treatment to help stop disease and illness in its tracks.

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  • Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

    At Animal Hospital of Milton, we offer veterinary acupuncture treatment for cats and dogs for pain relief and to supplement other rehabilitative therapies. Request Appointment Speed Healing & Recovery in Pets with Acupuncture In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture treatment is used as a w...
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  • Nutritional Counselling

    The veterinarians at Animal Hospital of Milton offer nutritional consulting for your pet. We also have a variety of prescription and other high-quality foods available for purchase at our clinic. Request Appointment Assessing & Optimizing Your Dog or Cat's Nutritional Needs Based on your...
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  • Pet Vaccinations & Preventive Care

    Our Milton veterinarians can help you protect your cat or dog from a wide range of serious diseases and disorders with routine pet vaccinations and parasite prevention. Request Appointment Protection & Prevention Our Milton veterinarians focus on preventive c...
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  • Puppy & Kitten Services

    We offer all the services your puppy or kitten needs to thrive. We also love to see our young patients gaining confidence in the world around them! Short visits to the veterinarian when your furry friend is young, can help them build positive associations that can last a lifetime. Request Appointment Early Veter...
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  • Senior Pet Care

    Routine veterinary care becomes increasingly important as pets age. Our Elite Fear Free Certified veterinarians provide care that helps senior pets stay comfortable and healthy. Request Appointment Keeping Dogs & Cats Healthy As They Age Many dogs and cats will start to show signs of ag...
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  • Veterinary Internal Medicine

    Our veterinarians provide diagnosis and treatment for internal conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and urinary tract conditions in pets from Milton and the surrounding areas. Request Appointment Diagnosing & Treating Internal Conditions in Dogs & Cats Veterin...
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  • Cat & Dog Annual Exams

    Routine exams from our veterinarians at Animal Hospital of Milton focus on preventive care for your dog or cat. These checkups can help your companion remain in good health. Request Appointment  Checking In on Your Pets Health & Well-Being Routine examinations, in combination with regular vacc...
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  • Urgent Veterinary Care

    We can accommodate urgent cases during our regular business hours. We can triage and stabilize your pet before referring you to one of the emergency hospitals listed below. (905) 878-8853       Emergency Care Daytime Urgent Veterinary Care in Milton Contact Animal Hospital of Milton Monday to Friday - 8:...
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  • Veterinary Dentistry & Dental Surgery

    Our veterinarians provide preventive and restorative dental health care and surgery for companion pets in Milton and the surrounding areas. Request Appointment Dental Care for Cats & Dogs Dentistry is an important part of your pet's care because dental problems can result ...
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New Patients Welcome

Animal Hospital of Milton is accepting new patients! Our veterinary team is passionate about the health of dogs and cats and can't wait to welcome you and your beloved companion into our family.

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