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Veterinary Surgery

Our veterinary team performs a number of different surgical procedures in our Milton facility, including soft tissue, ocular, and reproductive surgeries. 

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Surgical Services for Dogs & Cats

At Animal Hospital of Milton, our veterinarians take great pride in their ability to perform various surgeries that will help make your dog or cat healthier and happier.

Many people think of veterinary surgery as spays and neuters. While these are very commonly performed procedures, vets also provide many other important surgical services. These vary from tumour removal, orthopedics, anatomical corrections, and even cosmetic procedures.

Similar to human hospitals, surgeries are performed in a sterile environment with specialized lighting and instruments. During each veterinary surgery, we administer anesthesia so that your companion is comfortable and we continuously monitor them using electronic patient monitoring equipment. Once surgery is complete, post-operative monitoring and pain management are our top priorities.

We will always keep you fully informed about why we are recommending a surgical procedure and regarding any post-operative care your cat or dog may need at home.

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Keeping Your Dog or Cat Comfortable with Anesthesia

It is important that pets be afforded the benefit of anesthesia for painful or stressful procedures. Our equipment uses the latest technology, allowing us to provide safer sedation options than previously possible.

Our patients tend to experience fewer effects of the sedation once the procedure is complete. Even senior patients often do better with these new advances. During any anesthetic procedure at our hospital, our staff will both administer the anesthetic drug and monitor your dog or cat carefully throughout. Our veterinarians and technicians take great care with our anesthetized patients, both during and after the anesthesia.

Surgical Procedures

At Animal Hospital of Milton, we perform surgeries to help treat diseases and conditions in pets or to repair injuries sustained through trauma.

Our Milton veterinarians routinely perform the following elective and non-elective surgeries:

The Surgery Process

Before any surgery, we will complete a thorough pre-surgical assessment. This includes a physical examination of your pet as well as blood tests to determine if they face any risk of anesthesia-related complications.

During each surgery, a dedicated nurse will administer anesthesia and continuously monitor your pet using electronic patient monitoring equipment. Pain management will also be provided. 

Post-operative monitoring and pain management are our priorities following surgery. Your veterinarian will also provide thorough instructions for at-home care.

Sterilization Protocols

Surgical protocols at our clinic include a dedicated surgical which is cleaned and sterilized daily to prevent infection and cross-contamination. All of our surgical attire and instruments are sterilized in-house, or we use hospital-grade, single-use equipment.

While we do our best to be responsible stewards of the environment, we recognize that, when needed, single-use sterilized surgical equipment sometimes provides the best safety and efficacy for our patients.

New Patients Welcome

Animal Hospital of Milton is accepting new patients! Our veterinary team is passionate about the health of dogs and cats and can't wait to welcome you and your beloved companion into our family.

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